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Founded in 2005, Ever Bright Industrial Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the creation of unique arts and crafts products. With more than 10 years of experience, we have invested in research specific to crafting and now develop new products each season, all released under the independent brand and registered trademark, "Ever Bright." With a "Class A Enterprise" award from China Customs, we work to deliver quality products quickly and seamlessly.
Each year, our turnover tops $10M USD with clients ordering from all over the world, including, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, and Asia. A 30-day lead time allows you to order in bulk and take delivery quickly.
We own 3 factories that produce
• EVA Foam
• Felt
• Adhesive Film
• Book Protection Product
• Blackboard(whiteboard) Self-adhesive Film
• Adhesive Wallpaper, Drawer Liner.
• Adhesive/Static Window Film
In addition, we share ownership in three other factories that manufacture
• Crafting Paper
• Crepe Paper
• Tissue Paper
• Corrugated Paper
• Cardboard
• Floral & Gift Wrap
• Wrapping Paper
• Wrapping Film
• Non-Woven
• Non Woven Paper
• Mesh
• Organza
• Ribbon/Satin Ribbon
Having sole agency agreements with 16 plants producing
• Craft Supplies
• Sticker & Tape
• Toy Kit
• File Folder/Binders
• Padded Envelopes
With state-of-the-art production equipment, an exceptional staff and dedicated management group, quality control and customer service are always a priority. As an industry-leading provider of craft products, we will continue to develop and advance creativity for event planning, home decor, educational activities, and much more.
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